Monday, September 28, 2009

Altamont - Zito 2nd

Nick Zito closed out the 2009 road season with a fine second place at the Altamont circuit race!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tour of the Catskills

by Brendan Housler

Stage 1

stage 1 started today with a chilly 49F temperature...time to double up the jerseys, slide on the arm warmers, and my new go-to (thanks to Andy), Badger Balm on the knees and legs to cut that chill...

10 miles in is the first climb...yeah, it was way tougher than it looks on paper!...there were King of the Mountain points at the top...well, we actually went over the top then it went down a little bit, which allowed me to snag the maximum 5 points!

10 miles of rollers, many which were pretty steep, which allowed us to continue the dropping of about 10-15 riders....then the long descent...the scenery was amazing! but since we were ripping down at 50mph, i didn't get to scope it out too much!

Some twisting and turning to the last climb...which was 5 miles long! wasn't toooo steep, and i think we dropped a few people, but most stayed the second KOM opportunity arose, 3 guys were in front of me which seemed like i'd be able to have them inadvertently lead me out to another point opportunity....wrong! it got to the point where i could go hard and maybe blow up for like a point, but pulled back and only took 4th (no points, so just as good as last) we're not sure if my 5 is enough for KOM leader; we'll find out tomorrow.

Descend down towards the finish...some strong moves and eventually finished in 8th, but the top 14 got the same time, so i didn't lose any ground...we gapped like 20 seconds on 15-18, and 2 minutes on the rest.

so overall, a pretty good race, glad i could hang with some serious climbers...tomorrow's last hill looks freakin SCARY! think we may drive it to scope it out...

just elevating the legs now and hoping for another good day of riding...maybe get some KOM and an overall top 10 which i would be stoked about...

Dan just plugged his Garmin in and it said we did 5900 ft of climbing today. Awesome!

Stage 2

The final stage of tour was upon us on Sunday, sitting in around 10th place overall...I was looking for a podium position or KOM points, with any chance of GC contention nearly impossible.

The day started out pretty smooth with some small inclines, and I was able to place 3rd on the first KOM line, giving me one point...that pretty much took me out of contention for overall KOM unless I did some crazy climbing on the last hill...which is exactly where I'll skip to because the rest of the race was high speed rollers and a few attacks that were pulled back with ease.

One guy shot off from the gun and actually stayed away from the peloton until the very last climb! 40+ miles solo...very impressive. At the base of the 4.6 mile climb I sat in about 8th position. Slowly the pace got too brutal, and I was forced to drop back a little bit so I didn't completely blow up, which would really ruin me for the rest of the climb. After about 20-30 minutes of straight grunt work, I found myself in the 3rd chase group. 8 in lead pack, 5 in first chase, 5 in second chase. Once we made it to the top it was allll downhill and we were ripping through town. At one point I thought we were going to catch the first chase group, but we never did. I got punked on the sprint and finished in 15th...

my only regret of the whole tour was that I should have pushed harder on the final climb. It's such a fine line of going your max and dipping in and out of the red zone, without absolutely breaking the bolts off, which would completely crush you and you'd be done. other than that, I thought I raced pretty well with an extremely talented Cat 3 field.

at the end of it all, when you combine Saturday and Sunday together, we climbed almost 11,0000 feet according to a friend's bike any way you cut it, we did a ton of climbing for 100 miles...climbs around here are mentally getting easier and easier.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dolan and Scoles win Highlander Prologue TTT

Report by Jeff Dolan

When I hear the word "time trial," two things pop into my head:
  1. "I like Time Trials, I would like to participate"
  2. "I am going to kill everybody that I am racing"

So, when I found out that there would be a 22 mile Team Time Trial at the Highlander, I was very interested. I convinced Drew to be my teammate, and we headed down to Bristol to make good on goal number 2 (destroy the field). The course was not a conventional TT course, obviously, as its main features included the speed-bumps known as Egypt Hill and Gannett Hill. However, team DinoBear grabbed the aero helmets, donned the sleek, sexy, skinsuits, and set out on a mission of demolition.

Within the first 5 or so miles of the race, we caught all the teams that started in front of us. We kept the momentum rolling over Egypt, and bombed down the other side (although the descent was into a headwind, so it was not as fast as we might have hoped). In attempt to keep the average speed high, we pushed hard on the stretch along route 64 (26-28 mph) until we reached the base of the col de Gannett. The climb was rather exciting, as we mixed with those who were participating in the individual TT effort (bristol mt. parking lot to the top of Gannett), and we were able to witness some people having a lot of trouble ascending the mountain (dropping chains, or just falling off bikes). We pushed all the way through the line, and won by 4 minutes.

It was a really cool event, and I, for one, certainly hope they have the TTT option again next year.


Friday, September 4, 2009

New 2010 Frames are in!

The Minerva Design/H2 Workforce Cycling Team will be aboard Specialized Tarmac Team SLs in 2010...thanks to Specialized and Doug Sharp at RV&E for their support! Be sure to visit RVE Bike and Skate right in the center of Fairport and Canandaiguia.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

G-Tour Race - Victor

Another solid showing for the east side race in Victor. The initial attacks in the first 10K were pulled back in by the peloton. Mathis (Empire) , Cardona (Nalgene), and Lytwynec (Full Moon Vista) were off the front, with Drew making an attempt to bridge with Dan Barney (Mac5). With the peloton moving at a lackluster pace, Brendan made the jump past Drew and Barney to join the three at the front. After losing Lytwynec on the backside hill, the three pushed on for the next 30K with Brendan snatching the prime points.

With 12K left in the race, the 3 amigos were able to hold off a potential bridge by Barney, as well as a surge from Scheske (MVP) and Full Moon Vista. Mathis attacked the last hill dropping Brendan and Cardona, and the 3 would finish in that order.

Another great showing for us as we near the end of the season! A few more training races to go, with The Tour of the Catskills, Bear Mountain Road Race, and the Altamont Circuit Race ahead!