Tuesday, November 17, 2009

KB Cyclocross - Another Podium for Dietrick

"Great day for a cross race at a neat new venue for cross!! Managned a 2nd place finish after an off-course excursion on the first lap involving the lead pack of five riders all going off course. The course tape peeled my helmet off my head, so after re-grouping from that, I chased back on to the lead group & yo-yo'd w/ the top 3 riders until I got into 2nd & then mustered up enough lung to take off after the leader.......too little too late to finish 2nd." - Rob

Thanks to Terry Wherry for the photo!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Get your fix

Fixed gear season is open. Do it on (Super) Blue Steel™.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Housler Finishes G-Tour Season in Second Place Overall

It was late summer when Brendan and I had an idea: finish the 2009 Season on the G-Tour podium. People thought we were crazy. He would have to come out of nowhere and make up some big points. Mathematically it was doable, but on the road, especially in the first few races, it seemed like a long shot.

By late August, Brendan hit his stride and was racking up 10 to 13 points a night, eventually snagging 83 total points - good enough for second overall. An incredible achievement considering he only started racing in the A group mid-way through the season!

There is only one more G-Tour step to climb in 2010!

Other G-Tour Overall Results:

Minerva 6th

Scoles 13th

Zito 14th

Dietrick 19th

Ellison Park Cyclocross

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Simply put, AIRHORN! is the Minerva Design style of cheering. It's an all out barrage of noise so that the rider cannot be confused as to who the cheerer is rooting for. The Airhorn screams Red, Black, and White. Airhorn is a motivational boost when you're out there grinding as hard as possible, teeth gritted, pushing the pack down the roads and CX hills. WAH WAAH
WAAAAAHHHHH!!!! There is no question there, Airhorn is telling you to go kick some arse!
Because of this, Airhorn brings a huge grin to many riders faces. Other riders also seem to love the airhorn, as it's much more pleasing to the ear than a herd of cowbells. (tink tink tink)

It's very accepted, and encouraged, for a Minerva Design rider to make a request for an AIRHORN! by holding up their hand and flicking your trigger finger up and down. When you need that extra boost that carbs, sugar, or caffeine just can't deliver, you can always count on AIRHORN!!. WAH WAAH WAAAH!!!

Lastly, AIRHORN! is ultimately a sign of victory! When the Red, Black, and White streak across the line before all other riders, the cheers will surely be drowned by AIIRRRHHHOOOORRRRNNNN!!!!

Disclaimer: Airhorn may accidentally scare the s#!t out of you if you aren't accustomed to such boisterous noisemaking, so beware of the WAH as you ride. But don't worry, if you trip on a CX barrier, you will not get airhorned, unless it's motivation for you to catch the rider who easily cleared the barrier you just stumbled on. Go get 'em killer! AIRHORN!

Airhorn! is only meant to root on a MDC rider or fellow GVCC compatriot. Occasional other uses of Airhorn will be used just because we're nice, but really, Airhorn doesn't love you. If you hear an AIRHORN! coming from miles away, let's just say you've been warned. Minerva Design is coming. Not for you, for the podium. Get off the pavement.