Monday, December 28, 2009

Announcing the addition of Jason Hilimire for 2010

Jason Hilimire is a Category 2 cyclist from Geneva, NY and is most recently known for his accomplishments as a Pro mountain bike racer with Gary Fisher. When he's not hitting the big MTB events, Jason will be racing on the road with the Minerva Design Cycling Team.

In addition to racing, Jason will serve as Training Advisor to the team, using his knowledge as a coach with FasCatCoaching, a cycling coaching company dedicated to helping cyclists improve their performance. He recently completed a six month apprenticeship in Boulder, CO with Head Coach, Frank Overton and was the successful "Apprentice" candidate chosen over a long list of well qualified coaches. Jason and FasCat are especially effective training athletes with powermeters.

Everyone on the Minerva Design Cycling Team is looking forward to working with Jason as both a racer and a coach. To learn more about FasCatCoaching and their training/coaching plans, visit or follow "fascat" on twitter.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Races are won in the winter...

Base miles are on the menu for the Minerva Design Cycling Team! This photo was taken in 17F degrees. At least it was sunny on Saturday. The next day Housler and Minerva logged 4hrs in temps twice as warm --35F degrees -- but rained the whole time. A true test of mental toughness. I would have taken a photo on Sunday but my fingers were useless.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2009 Results Recap

The Minerva Design Cycling Team rolled out for the first time in mid-August and didn't waste any time racking up the results. In three months, we achieved ten podiums and 4 wins... including the U23 New York State Time Trial Gold medal!

Note: Only top-10 results from August to November shown .

Race Rider Place
Niagara Criterium



Zito 4th
Scoles 6th
New York State TT Championships Dolan
Dietrick Bronze
Roth 7th
Chris Thater Criterium Housler 6th
Highlander Prologue TTT Dolan/Scoles
Tour of Catskills - Stage One Housler 8th
KOM Leader
Alimont Circuit Race Zito 2nd
GVCC G-Tour Series Overall Housler
Minerva 6th
Parma Cross Race Dietrick 1st
Cobbs Hill Cross Race Dietrick
Scoles 10th
Toronto Cross Race Scoles 7th
Park Ave Cross Race Dietrick
Scoles 10th
Syracuse GP CX Scoles 7th
Ellison Cross Race Dietrick
Scoles 10th
Full Moon Vista CX Series Overall Dietrick 2nd
KB Cyclocross: Dietrick 2nd