Monday, March 22, 2010

Philly Phlyin'

2010 season starts with  big win!

Minerva Design came down to the Philly Phlyer in Philadelphia and steamrolled the competition under 80 degree weather and sunny skies. Housler forced the winning breakaway of three and when the break looked like it was about to get caught by the pack, he attacked them with 8km to go.  Two hills and a long headwind stretch separated Housler from the finish line, but he increased his lead to 40 seconds and rolled down the finishing straight in front of Memorial Hall to take the win!

As a bonus, Housler took the win at the local Giro training race the next day with great work by teammates Hilimire and Dietrick. Things are 'rollin! There's more to come!

Housler powers break up climb
Top of the course, downhill to the Drives
Soloing in - where'd everyone go?
The Dino finishes strong in the Mens collegiate A race
Dolan and Scoles reppin' Univ o' Roch